Monday, 1 January 2018

Path Of Sri Sukhmani Sahib At Desh Bhagat Global School

Desh Bhagat Global School’s first academic day of year 2018 commenced with great enthusiasm and religious fervour after winter vacations. 

To bless the students and motivate them to use their energy in positive way, Path (Recitation) of Sri Sukhmani Sahib was held in the school. 

Students from different classes, all the members of the teaching and non teaching staff participated in it with religious fervour and devotion. On this occasion, the school staff along with Kirtani Jatha presented soul-warming recital of Baani.

Present on the occasion, Desh Bhagat University Chancellor Dr. Zora Singh and Pro Chancellor Dr. Tajinder Kaur greeted their best wishes to the students and staff members. 

Vice Chancellor Dr. Virinder Singh praised the whole staff saying that they have been doing excellent work for which they deserve all praise. Directors of different faculties including Dr. Surjeet Patheja, Dr. Kulbhushan and staff members were also present.

School Principal Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma highlighted various innovations and methodologies to be introduced in coming days. 

He also informed that a multimedia lecture on Health and Nutrition was especially arranged. During which, teachers made aware the students about balanced diet and said that eating Fruits of all colours, vegetables, whole grains and dry fruits are essential for good health and healthy brain. All the students evinced a keen interest in entire programme.


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